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Family Dentistry

The way Dr. Erpenbach practices dentistry, your good home care and dedication to routine health and hygiene check ups can have a profound impact on your life. As a general and family dental office, we offer the full range of dental treatments that lead to great prevention and hygiene.

During your appointment, we will complete a thorough exam. Our hygienists will look for signs of gum disease and professionally clean your teeth, removing tartar build up. Your assessment will also include a bite analysis and tooth-by-tooth inspection. Dr. Erpenbach will review his findings with you and explain any treatment recommendations.

Dr. Erpenbach’s adoption of biomimetic dentistry and an oral systemic approach to dentistry have a huge impact in quality of care when it comes to family dentistry. In the event of a filling, Dr. Erpenbach will use biomimetic techniques that build up the teeth rather then tear them down or drill them down. It’s possible, in Dr. Erpenbach’s practice, that a child may grow up under his care and never hear the sound of the dental drill even if he or she needs fillings. Furthermore, Dr. Erpenbach’s oral systemic approach focuses on your total health. For older patients, this means reducing the chances of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

We welcome patients of all ages, including children. Dr. Erpenbach encourages parents to bring their children in for routine visits by the age of three. Starting this process early will help your children develop a positive attitude about the dentist so that they can achieve lifelong oral health. For added protection, we also offer dental sealants and fluoride applications.

If you are interested in the most advanced family dental care, where the value of the prevention and cleaning extends the quality and length of your life, please contact us today at 865-240-2035 to schedule an appointment.

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