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Dental Implant Restoration

Most people don’t understand how important it is to have a full smile. In addition to creating an unsightly appearance, missing teeth can result in tooth and jaw misalignment, dietary limitations, and additional tooth loss. Also, research indicates that up to 20 percent of teeth adjacent to missing teeth will fall out within a few years if lost teeth are not replaced.

Dental implant restorations enable patients to look like no teeth are missing while receiving all the permanent benefits that come with a stable, natural tooth. Constructed from bio-compatible titanium, a dental implant is a small, metal post surgically inserted into your gum line. One post and crown are placed in each empty socket to act as teeth, roots and crowns.

Before the implant process begins, Dr. Erpenbach will perform an evaluation of your whole mouth to make sure you are in good oral health and have sufficient bone density structure to support the implants. If you have significant bone loss, Dr. Erpenbach may recommend a bone graft. In that case, Dr. Erpenbach will refer you to an oral surgeon or periodontist for implant placement. After your mouth heals, which can take anywhere from three to six months, Dr. Erpenbach will secure the permanent crowns to the implants, allowing you to smile and use your mouth normally with confidence and ease.

If you are ready to replace a missing tooth or teeth permanently with a dental implants, please contact us today at 865-240-2035 for an appointment.

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