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Periodontal Program

Oral health isn't just about having good teeth; the health of your gums is equally important.

Gum Disease

Oral health isn't just about having good teeth; the health of your gums is equally important. And, in our oral systemic approach, we focus strongly on the gums because of their strong relation to your cardiovascular system.

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is the leading cause of adult tooth loss in our nation, and up to 80% of Americans have some level of the chronic condition. Research tells us, gum disease increases the risk for serious systemic and overall health problems. As a founding member of AAOSH, the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health, Dr. Erpenbach feels strongly about thwarting gum disease in the early stage, when treatment is less invasive and traumatic.

We are proud to have a talented and gentle hygienist on our team. Jennifer has a bachelor's degree in dental hygiene, and she performs both cleanings and deep cleanings in our office. Jenifer’s communication skills are excellent and she enjoys teaching our patients how to avoid gum disease. She'll show you techniques to make effective brushing and flossing easier, she can also recommend oral healthcare products and nutritional supplements that promote excellent oral health. If you do have gum disease, She will explain treatment, then help you plan a custom periodontal program to reverse the effects and avoid recurrence.

One way we help our patients prevent gum disease is with an OralDNA test to determine your predisposition to the disease. A second OralDNA test is made for people who already suffer with the condition. This test provides information that helps us target treatment to your unique situation. Called salivary diagnostics, OralDNA tests require only a sample of saliva – from a 30 second mouth rinse. This innovative assessment is a significant step forward for preventive dentistry and periodontal treatment planning.

If you are interested in our thorough approach to periodontal health for your family, please call us today at 865-240-2035 to schedule an appointment.

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