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Why Biomimetic Dentistry?

A good way to think about biomimetic dentistry is, "Less Drilling. Feels Great!" While drilling may not be completely eliminated due to necessity, in most cases, a biomimetic approach seeks to build up teeth rather than drilling them down when treating fractured, weak, and decayed teeth. With a biomimetic approach, we work to protect the tooth more effectively for a lifetime against bacterial infection.

Traditional dentistry inadvertently can destroy the natural structure of healthy teeth during the restoration process. However, Dr. Erpenbach rebuilds the teeth he treats with biomimetic dentistry by using components of your natural tooth structure as part of the restoration process.

Biomimetic dentistry also advocates a more moderate approach to treatment, focusing on the idea of "less is more". Ozone treatment, good hygiene, and properly placed sealants can practically eliminate the occurrence of issues like gum disease or tooth decay. Where cavities develop or old fillings exist, Dr. Erpenbach addresses such needs with the most conservative therapies available.

Dr. Erpenbach adopted biomimetic dentistry to provide patients the most scientific based dental care. In preserving more of your original tooth, biomimetic dentistry reduces the chances of future root canals, significantly reduces tooth sensitivity after dental work, potentially saves patients time by completing dental work in one visit and imitates nature by replacing teeth in layers.

If you are interested in receiving leading edge dental treatment that is purposefully less invasive, with the likelihood that you will minimize or avoid drilling and injections thanks to more scientifically advanced treatments, please call us today at 865-240-2035 to schedule an appointment.

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