Currently, for those who need their teeth straightened or their jawline adjusted, there are a variety of options:  traditional braces, clear braces and ClearCorrect.  As a leading practitioner of biomimetic dentistry, Dr. Jim Erpenbach offers ClearCorrect alignment as a less damaging alternative to braces.
The key difference between ClearCorrect and traditional or clear braces is that instead of a system of brackets adhered to the tooth surface and manipulated by a wire, whereas the ClearCorrect method for tooth realignment is a series of clear removable orthotic aligners that are gradually swapped out every three weeks.
So why choose ClearCorrect?
Traditional and clear braces are fixed to the surface of the tooth and cannot be removed until the realignment is complete.  This can be problematic to brushing and flossing, leaving teeth and gums vulnerable to bacteria caught in or around the wires and brackets leading to tooth decay and gingivitis.  As an alternative, ClearCorrect orthotics are worn at all times except when eating, brushing and flossing, and may be removed for those purposes.
When braces are removed after alignment is complete, there can be a difference in tooth color when tooth staining has occurred but not underneath where the brackets were adhered.  Because ClearCorrect aligners are removed for eating, brushing and flossing, there is no danger of visible differences in coloration of teeth.
The cement used to adhere brackets to the teeth can also cause damage to teeth as brackets fall off or get removed.  Solvents and tools used to remove brackets at the end of realignment can leave tiny, even microscopic holes in the surface of the teeth so small that regular brushing cannot remove bacteria to prevent cavities from forming on the front side of the teeth.  Because ClearCorrect aligners do not adhere to the teeth, this does not present an issue.
And of course the most obvious reason to most people is cosmetic.  Even clear porcelain braces are visible up close, while ClearCorrect is barely noticeable to most people.
To schedule an assessment to determine if you or your child is a candidate for ClearCorrect, contact our office at 865-240-2035.