5 Steps to Make Teeth Brushing a Habit for Children

african-american children brushing their teethMost children are very complicated when it comes to brushing their teeth. They don’t feel very comfortable or just don’t want to spend 2 minutes of their time having their teeth brushed. However, with time, patience, creativity, and love you can help your child find this daily routine exciting and establish good dental hygiene habits to keep a healthy smile for many years to come.�

  • Make It FunÂ?Â?

Having children brushing their teeth doesn’t have to be boring. Kids are always looking for excitement, so let’s give them a little enthusiasm for this task. Have your child pick a colorful electric brush with their favorite cartoon character on it, these toothbrushes look more like toys than what they really are and can grab their attention very fast.�

You can also pick up different toothpaste flavors to try at home. Even though toothpaste is not always necessary for children, they may find it easier and be more cooperative when they like the flavor. Some common flavors include strawberry, bubble gum, and sparkle mint.Â?

  • Turn It Into a Game

The recommended period of time to brush your teeth is two full minutes, twice a day. Take advantage of the ability kids have to turn everything into a game. There are many creative ways that can help you make those 120 seconds fly by, some of them include playing their favorite song, getting your child a toothbrush that blinks or makes sounds for 2 minutes, or offering incentives.

  • Set the Example

It’s important that your toddler witnesses how you follow good oral habits and practice what you preach. Don’t forget your child is like a mirror, they’ll imitate what the parent is doing because you’re their most important influence. You can take advantage of this and pretend to be a mirror next time you brush together, so your toddler can copy all of your moves.�

  • The Earlier the Better

Don’t get your children used to brushing their teeth only before bed. It’s imperative that they start their oral hygiene routine early in the morning in order to avoid cavities and other oral infections.�

Create a schedule that can help them remember the routine. Your children may not feel like brushing after a long, tiring day, but you can prevent them from falling asleep without brushing by alerting them.Â?

  • Synchronize

The best way to avoid your kid from forgetting their dental routine is synchronizing your schedule with theirs and brush together. Use this time to demonstrate proper techniques and have fun. You can even dance, sing, and laugh while brushing your teeth. By doing this you can ensure that your son or daughter is appreciating and enjoying this time with you.Â?

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