TMD/TMJ Treatment

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Do you suffer from tender jaw muscles, limited jaw movement, or joint clicking? Do you find yourself searching everywhere for headache relief? You may be suffering from TMJ Disorder, or TMD.

TMJ stands for the temporomandibular joint. You have two temporomandibular joints, one on each side of the head. These joints lie between the temporal bone and the mandibular bone, so they link the lower jaw to the rest of the skull.

The TMJ is critical for proper jaw function and movement. If the joint becomes affected by tooth grinding, injury, or other factors, you are likely to experience painful symptoms.

Signs of TMJ Disorder

If you are suffering from TMJ disorder, or TMD, you may notice symptoms like:

  • Clicking or popping noises coming from the jaw.
  • Pain when you fully open the mouth.
  • Difficulty opening the mouth or moving the jaw.
  • Facial pain or facial fatigue.
  • Ear pain.
  • Buzzing in the ears.
  • Headaches or migraines.
  • Pain in the neck or shoulders.

Many patients who are looking for headache relief may discover that the underlying problem is TMD.

get relief from TMD and TMJ symptoms at your West Knoxville dentist

Find TMJ and Headache Relief

Dr. Erpenbach, Knoxville dentist, has the proper experience and training to diagnose TMJ disorders. He will conduct an oral examination, ask you about your medical history, and perform digital x-rays. If you are suffering from TMD, he will use bite guard therapy to provide headache relief.

BioEMJ T-Scan

At our practice, we have a BioEMJ T-Scan. This amazing technology helps us make bite adjustments for patients. By adjusting your bite, we can help alleviate TMD symptoms and help prevent further TMJ damage.

Bite Guard Therapy

Dr. Erpenbach has found that bite guard therapy is a minimally invasive form of TMJ treatment. This simple TMJ treatment will not impact your natural tooth structure, but it is still highly effective.

Bite guard therapy TMJ treatment involves a horseshoe-shaped mouth guard composed of plastic or acrylic. You can wear your bite guard at night or during the day, as instructed by Dr. Erpenbach. The bite guard creates a physical barrier between the teeth so that you don’t put stress on the teeth or the TMJ when you bite.

This TMJ treatment protects your teeth, adjusts your bite, and provides headache relief. It reduces the excess muscle activity that makes TMD so painful. Best of all, bite guard therapy is convenient and portable so you can incorporate it easily into your daily life.

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Dr. Erpenbach and his team ensure Healthy Mouths, Healthy Bodies, and Healthy Families. To learn more about our effective TMJ treatment, contact our Knoxville dental office today!

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