Dental Implants

get teeth implants at your Knoxville implant dentistryMost people don’t understand how important it is to have a full smile. In addition to creating an unsightly appearance, missing teeth can result in tooth and jaw misalignment, dietary limitations, and additional tooth loss. Also, research indicates that up to 20 percent of teeth adjacent to missing teeth will fall out within a few years if lost teeth are not replaced.

What are Teeth Implants?

Dental implants enable patients to look like no teeth are missing while receiving all the permanent benefits that come with a stable, natural tooth. Constructed from bio-compatible titanium, teeth implants are small, metal posts that are surgically inserted into your gum line. One post and crown are placed in each empty socket to act as teeth, roots and crowns.

What to Expect from Our Knoxville Implant Dentistry

Initial Consult | Dr. Erpenbach will take x-rays to prepare for the flawless placement of your dental implants. You can discuss your comfort needs and what you want to gain from your implant dentistry experience.

Placement | An expert will place your teeth implants below the gums, into the jawbone. He can ensure your comfort with local anesthesia and dental sedation options.

Restoration | After your mouth heals, which can take anywhere from three to six months, Dr. Erpenbach will secure the permanent crowns to the implants, allowing you to smile and use your mouth normally with confidence and ease.

From diagnosis to restoration, we will make your implant dentistry experience totally seamless. Dr. Erpenbach will complete your diagnosis and then send you to a talented oral surgeon in the very same building. Dr. Erpenbach and the oral surgeon work closely to ensure the perfect placement of your dental implants.

Am I a Candidate for Implant Dentistry?

Before the implant dentistry process begins, Dr. Erpenbach, Knoxville dentist, will perform an evaluation of your whole mouth to make sure you are in good oral health and have sufficient bone density structure to support the implants. If you have significant bone loss, Dr. Erpenbach may recommend a bone graft. Most patients who want healthy and complete smiles are great candidates for dental implants.

How Much do Dental Implants Cost?

Of course, the costs for teeth implants will vary from person to person. Some factors that can impact the cost of dental implants are:

  • Pre-work that may be necessary, such as bone grafts or sinus lifts
  • Current oral health
  • Location of the tooth implant
  • Type of restoration (e.g. crown, removable denture, permanent dentures)
  • Quality of materials (there is a wide variety!)
  • Skill and expertise of the doctor placing the implants
  • Skill, expertise and artistry of the doctor creating the restoration

Generally, dental implants should be considered an investment. The upfront cost can be significant but the long-term costs are usually much less than any of the alternatives. And it is important to also consider the non-financial costs of not using implant dentistry to replace missing teeth, such as jaw bone deterioration, discomfort and social issues related with dentures, etc.

The only way to really know how much teeth implants will cost in your case is to have your dentist perform a thorough examination to see what is needed. We would be happy to do that for you.

If you are ready to replace a missing tooth or teeth permanently with teeth implants, please contact our office in Knoxville today to schedule an appointment.

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