Prepless Veneers

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Our Knoxville dentist, Dr. Erpenbach offers high-quality cosmetic dentistry procedures for every occasion. If you aren’t convinced that our beautiful porcelain veneers are the best option for you, you can instead ask about our prepless veneers for teeth for similar results, with no permanent tooth alteration.

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Veneers for Teeth in Knoxville

In some cases, Knoxville dentist, Dr. Erpenbach, may suggest DURAthins, a type of minimal-preparation veneer that is designed to require no enamel reduction. Our prepless veneers for teeth produce a bright, white appearance that is adjusted to perfectly match the patient’s smile shade.

What is the Difference Between Porcelain Veneers and Prepless Veneers?

Prepless veneers for teeth can cover up stains, gaps, and chips, just like porcelain veneers. They can even straighten crooked teeth instantly!

Prepless veneers for teeth are a great choice for patients who are hesitant to file down healthy tooth enamel. Instead of filing down the teeth to prepare them for the veneers, Dr. Erpenbach will bond your veneers directly on top of the teeth surface. Prepless veneers are appealing because they are:

  • Reversible.
  • Painless.
  • Health-promoting.

Whether you have stained, broken, or crooked teeth, ask Knoxville dentist, Dr. Erpenbach, if you are a candidate for prepless veneers! 865-584-8630

Conservative Dentistry

Prepless veneers are consistent with Dr. Erpenbach’s biomimetic approach of building up teeth rather than cutting or drilling them down. With little to no preparation compared to traditional veneers for teeth, DURAthins cover front teeth to create uniformity.

Biomimetic dentistry involves less drilling and less damage to your natural teeth. Dr. Erpenbach seeks to build up your teeth rather than cause fractures, weakness, or decay. This biomimetic approach is beneficial to the patient in several ways.

” alt=”get porcelain veneers to fix crooked teeth at your West Knoxville dentist” width=”350″ height=”300″ />The biomimetic approach aims to:

  • Preserve the natural teeth so the procedure is reversible at any time.
  • Strengthen the teeth instead of breaking them down, fortifying them against bacterial infection.
  • Provide all of the benefits of dental work without any of the discomfort.
  • Mimic real teeth with the latest scientific advancements and materials.
  • Reduce or eliminate post-procedure sensitivity.

Some no-prep veneers for teeth can look bulky, but DURAthins are among the most aesthetic available. Some no-prep veneers are not the right smile makeover procedure for everyone, so Dr. Erpenbach will evaluate your smile before making any recommendations.

For a Fantastic Smile without Permanent Changes, Ask Us About Prepless Veneers Today!

We are serving patients in the Knoxville and West Knoxville areas with first-rate family care. If you have weak, unsightly, or crooked teeth, contact our office about prepless veneers for teeth.

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