Am I a Candidate for ClearCorrect Invisible Aligners?



So who exactly is a candidate for ClearCorrect aligners or clear invisible braces? If you have orthodontic issues like crooked teeth, teeth gaps, or overbites, you probably are a candidate for ClearCorrect aligners or clear invisible braces. But it all depends on the severity of your case.

Still, people often ask, “should I get ClearCorrect?” To find out the answer, you should learn more about how ClearCorrect works and its costs and benefits.�

What Are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are ideal for patients looking for discreet orthodontic solutions that can fix their smile. Clear aligners are custom-made and will straighten your teeth over time. Aligners need to be replaced more or less every two weeks to smoothly and correctly align your teeth.Ð’?

Unlike regular braces, clear aligners can be removed but only to eat or brush your teeth. Clear aligners are so discreet that they’re almost impossible to notice for the human eye. It’s perfect for teenagers or adults who want a different alternative from permanent braces.�

Benefits From Using Clear Aligners

Permanent braces can be too invasive and tedious for some patients. Clear aligners offer you the chance of fixing your smile without the hassle of traditional braces. Here are some of the benefits:Ð’?


Patients continuously worry about their appearance whenever they’re told they need to wear braces. They also worried about how uncomfortable they might feel and the fact that they won’t be able to take them off for a very long time.�

ClearCorrect braces allow you to have confidence in your appearance anytime you want it. Want a quick picture without wearing braces? Simply remove them, and you can smile naturally for the camera.Ð’?

Eat Comfortably and With No Restrictions

One of the most uncomfortable parts about wearing traditional braces is that you might need to stop eating certain food types. It includes foods that might be too solid or require a firm bite that could make a bracket detach.Ð’?

With ClearCorrect braces, you can forget about eating restrictions. Also, cleaning any food that gets stuck becomes more comfortable when you use clear aligners rather than traditional braces.Ð’?

Where Can I Get Clear Aligners?

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