How Do I Get Rid Of Bad Breath?

Millions of people suffer from bad breath, or as dentists call it: halitosis. So, believe it or not, it is more common than you think. This can be happening for different reasons,

Â?such as not brushing your teeth regularly, the type of food you ingest, food accumulation, and more.Â?

There are numerous ways to prevent it, but following the next tips can help you improve your oral health immediately:Â?

Say Goodbye to Stinky Breath in 5 Simple Steps


Tip #1: Brush your teeth regularly!

As obvious as it may sound, cleaning your teeth is the best way to prevent bacteria that are causing bad breath. It’s suggested to brush your teeth two times a day to avoid tooth decay after every meal and floss once along with appropriate oral care products.

Tip #2: Drinking water can make a differenceÂ?

Dehydration also causes bad breath, so make sure you drink enough water throughout the day. Water also helps prevent a dry mouth. Drinking plain water will keep odor under control because it helps eliminate food particles and bacteria, the leading cause of bad breath odor.Â?

If you suffer from a chronic dry mouth or take medications that cause dry mouth, consult your dentist to recommend an over-the-counter saliva substitute.

Tip #3 Change your toothbrush frequently

Our toothbrush accumulates all the bacteria we ingest through our mouth. If your bad breath has persisted lately, remember to buy a new one before applying the above tips. You can buy a new toothbrush every three or four months.Â?

Tip #4: Brush your tongue thoroughlyÂ?

Our tongue also hosts bacteria, so that careful brushing can reduce odors. Those who have a tongue coated with significant excess bacteria (from smoking, for example) may benefit from using a tongue scraper. Or use toothbrushes that have a built-in cleaning tongue scraper.

Tip #5 Avoid certain foods

Avoid using ingredients or foods like garlic and onion in your meals. They can cause bad breath. If you are a fan of sugar, try substituting them with natural and not artificial ones, as well as decreasing your consumption. We recommend that you bring your toothbrush and mouthwash in your bag or car for these cases.Â?

Remember, to maintain good oral health; you should visit your local dentist several times a year to avoid chronic diseases. Also, use the best care products and get more recommendations on the care of your dental health.Â?

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