How is Biomimetic Dentistry Different From Traditional Dentistry?

Biomimetic Dentistry is a special discipline of dentistry that stems from the philosophy that what the dentist does should preserve and imitate nature as much as possible. Traditional dentistry, referred to as Amputational Dentistry by the Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry involved restorative materials and procedures that required extensive drilling and breakdown of healthy teeth and tissue to support the creation and application of crowns, bridges and fillings. Dr. Erpenbach offers patients a biomimetic alternative that is far less invasive.

The hallmark of the Biomimetic approach is the effort to preserve as much of the natural tooth and use bonding agents to repair cracks and chips before more damage occurs. Ideally, one takes care of his or her teeth and does not need fillings or tooth replacements, but when the damage is done, a Biomimetic dentist will take the least invasive approach to repair the tooth and prevent further decay.

There is also a strong emphasis on preventative care and maintenance to prevent future problems. Sealants can seal the tooth away from bacterial intrusion preventing the need for more invasive fillings and root canal procedures.

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