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Recently, I was referred to Dr. Erpenbach by a periodontist who was working to save an implant that was badly infected. Not only was I battling the infection, I was also in constant pain. It seemed to me like every tooth in my mouth hurt and many days the pain travelled up my face and into my sinuses. (Over a year ago another dentist had said that my bite was off. That dentist used the articulating paper to try to correct the problem but after several visits to his office the pain was even worse.) Dr. Erpenbach used the T-Scan technology and immediately corrected the problem. When I left Dr. Erpenbach’s office I was completely pain free. I had been suffering for over a year and he gave me back my life!!!!

Stephanie M

I always have the best experience with Dr. Erpenbach and his team! Best bed side manner and truly cares about his patient’s oral health.

Amelia B

Dr. Erpenbach and his incredible staff have a patient for life with me! Professional, warm & kind, friendly are just a few words to describe them. I have found that even paying a little more than the new low costs dental clinics is definitely worth it. They keep you at ease and go beyond doing the right job for your teeth and mouth! Highly recommended!

Jan S

Dr. E and his staff are absolutely wonderful! I’ve been going there for many years and had a lot of work done. I’ve gone from having to drive around the parking lot twice before getting my nerve up to go in to not even being the least bit nervous. I’m treated well and well treated! I wouldn’t go anywhere else and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to my friends and family!

Deborah N

I have not been a patient of yours for almost two years, only because your office stopped accepting my insurance. Prior to that, You had taken care of my family’s dental needs since your practice opened. We were always satisfied with the care we received and would not have left except for the insurance issue. I still would highly recommend you to friends.

Lois D

Best Dentist Ever! I couldn’t be more happy with his work. I hated going to the dentist as a kid and that fear had followed me into adulthood. My brother recommended Dr. Erpenbach and after one visit my fears disappeared. He reminds me of Mr. Rogers! He’s awesome! I just got the gap in my front teeth fixed and couldn’t be more happy. Thank you, Dr. Erpenbach!

Daniel B

I have been a patient of Dr. Erpenbach’s for 12 years now and I just I would like to say that I LOVE MY DENTIST!!!! Dr. Erpenbach never ceases to amaze me with his HIGH Level of knowledge, skills and expertise. He is definitely state of the art in all respects and illustrates a true and sincere dedication toward his profession while maintaining a very warm and traditional style. I would be amiss if I failed to pay credit toward his Wonderful Staff. Without fail everyone in his office makes me feel like I am part of their family each time I visit, and each and every staff member exhibits an unmatched level of professionalism. If you are searching for a new dentist I guarantee you will not regret choosing Dr. Jim Erpenbach and staff. I feel especially privileged to have Dr. Erpenbach as my dentist!!!

Tammy G

Dr. Erpenbach is the best. He is so kind and understanding – he really listens to what you want from his care and what you need to feel your very best about your teeth and smile. All of the staff in the office are so nice as well.

My husband and I both have had some bad experiences in our past with dentists but after seeing Dr. Erpenbach we are both back to regularly attending appointments. It had been many years for both of us previously!

In addition to regular cleanings, I also just had a more cosmetic-type of procedure where he applied some bonding to two of my front teeth to enhance their appearance and balance out my smile. He took so much time making sure that the teeth looked and felt perfect. They look my teeth, like they have always been there but SO much better. The shape and the color are perfect. I am so pleased I found Dr. Erpenbach’s office!

Megan W

Dr. Erpenbach keeps up with the latest methods in preventive care and helps me avoid future issues. I’m grateful to find a dentist who has such good technical skills, and who is also so good at explaining things to me. I always leave my appointment feeling confident in the care that I received. I appreciate his warmth and positivity. He seems to love his work.

Lilly S

Dr Erpenbach and his staff make going to the dentist a pleasure. They go out of their way to explain procedures and options. And the work, from fillings to crowns to cosmetic, is all top-notch. I highly recommend.

Kim B

My family has been going to Dr. Erpenbach for our dental needs for over 20 years. He believes in nothing less then doing the best quality work possible. Staying up-to-date on the latest dental procedures, and hiring a competent staff of professionals, are what defines Dr. Jim’s practice. We recommend him without reservation to anyone seeking superior dental care.You will not be disappointed.

Gary and Joretta S

I come from a family of dentistry, so I know dentistry and I know a good dentist when I see one. One thing I do not like are dentists who treat the teeth as if they are not a part of your body. Most dentists today are what I call “drillers and killers.” Their first response to a hurting tooth is to kill the tooth with an often unnecessary root canal – which kills the tooth. Why do they do this? It is an easy way to get you out of pain and charge you more money. Is a root canal healthy? Hardly. A root canal should be a “last resort.” Dr. Erpenbach GETS THIS. He is totally committed to your health and saving your teeth. Trust me, this kind of dentist is hard to find!!! Yes he charges a little more than some “discount dentists.” But in the long run, your health is worth it. In addition…. I could not be more pleased with Dr. Erpenbach’s attention to detail. Even my wife was impressed and her father and mother were both dentists and dental hygienists, respectively. Don’t screw around looking for a dentist who will save you a few dollars. Go see Dr. Erpenbach. You will be happy you did.

Tony J

Dr. Erpenbach is by far the best dentist I have ever been to. Everyone at the practice are easy to talk to and genuinely care. Dr. Erpenbach is savvy with the latest breakthroughs in dentistry and his attention to detail is impeccable. I am very greatful to have Dr. Erpenbach as my dentist.

Nicholas P