Teeth Discoloration During Pregnancy

Abrupt and constant changes are expected to happen during the pregnancy process. Among those abrupt changes in teeth, discoloration is not the exception. During pregnancy, women usually ingest numerous vitamins and minerals that can lead to teeth discoloration. Keep reading to learn more about teeth discoloration during pregnancy, like its causes and possible treatments.Â?


What is Teeth discoloration?

Teeth discoloration is when the teeth tend to change their color from a regular white to a darker or browner color. Teeth discoloration is caused by constant and gradual deterioration of the enamel. This deterioration can cause the enamel showing the dentin inside, which has a natural yellow and brown color.Â?


Causes of Teeth Discoloration During Pregnancy

As mentioned above, pregnant women are required to take multiple vitamins and minerals to ensure their bodies’ health and their baby’s bodies. Some supplements are extremely rich in iron and can easily cause teeth discoloration.�


Tetracycline, a joint tooth staining compound used as protection against bacterial infections, is also used during many pregnancies. When ingested during pregnancy, it can expose your teeth to the risk of getting stained. This product can also obstruct the bone development of the fetus. So it’s recommended to avoid this type of product.�

Teeth DiscolorationTreatments

Cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening aren’t supposed to cause any harm or convey any risk during pregnancy. So it’s an option to consider, although you should always check with your dentist before requesting any procedure.�


You can also prevent the problem from gradually worsening by avoiding sugary foods and drinks, coffee, and smoking. But if you want to get the best teeth discoloration treatments for pregnant women, you should visit us. At Jim Erpenbach DDS, we offer the most advanced and safe tooth discoloration treatments for preventing your teeth from losing their natural color entirely.Â?


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