We Create the Smile of Your Dreams

Whether you require teeth whitening services or improve your teeth’ looks with veneers, Jim Erpenbach has the expertise to cover your needs. Dr. Erpenbach will make you feel safe when you are around him because he has the answer to all your questions. His expertise becomes evident as soon as you visit us.

His cosmetic dentistry expertise and the exceptional service that we provide will leave the smile of your dreams as the only possible result. Please keep reading to find out which of our cosmetic dentistry services you require.


Teeth Whitening Services
If you are looking for a smile that will give your friends, family, and colleagues the best impression, you came to the right place. Our teeth whitening services enhance your smile significantly. As you may know, several factors affect the tone of our teeth.

These factors include age and our consumption patterns. Smoking is not necessary the only factor for your teeth to become darker. Drinks like soda, iced lemon tea, wines, and coffee are among the beverages that darken your teeth as a result.

But do not worry! One session at our facilities will bring back your fresh smile and even make it better than before.

Our Veneers Will Save the Day
Did you know that teeth imbalance can result in not efficiently chewing food, leading to digestion problems? There are dental issues that you may think are minor, but the truth is that their consequences are dangerous for you in the long term. Cosmetic dentistry services not only benefit your mental health by boosting your confidence, but they also can improve your physical health.

Jim Erpenbach DDS is here to help you achieve your dream smile and aid in your physical health as well. Believe us, the magnitude of issues that could seem irrelevant can be surprising. We want to keep you safe.

So, Why Should You Choose Us?
We like to provide our patients with more than one solution whenever we can do it. We understand that for some people getting cosmetic dentistry services can be a scary experience. For this reason, we provide prepless veneers and porcelain veneers. Prepless veneers act similar to porcelain veneers, but they are a provisional, popular method.

If you do not feel ready for our porcelain veneers, the prepless veneers are for you.

As for our teeth whitening services, we are not the typical clinic that asks you to sit over the counter and rely on a whitening toothpaste. That won’t give you long-lasting results. Instead, we work with the Opalescence Boost System, one of the most effective in the market. This system works with a chemical formula that whitens your teeth without the need for UV rays.