What Should you Expect From Your Dental Checkup?

Not attending regular checkups with your dentist is very common. There are many reasons such as childhood traumas, feeling vulnerable before procedures, not knowing the importance of taking care of your oral health, or fear. Here’s what you should know:

A Step-by-step Guide to a Dental Checkup

After filling out your medical chart during the first review, a medical assistant will prepare the area for the checkup. He or she will inspect your oral cavity to prepare you to be evaluated by the dentist.Â?

  • They will remove or scrape away tartar and plaque from around the gum line and tooth surface using multiple tools and instruments.
  • Polish your teeth
  • Report the results to the dentist
  • Take x-rays if ordered by the dentist.

The dentist will do a quick teeth checkup for any abnormalities. For example, review any X-rays that may have been taken and recommend any additional dental work you might need. Last, discuss your overall oral health and habits.

Before your appointment

You would receive a prescription for pain relievers before leaving the clinic if necessary. Or to purchase new oral care products to integrate into your routine. As a bonus tip, buy something frozen to relieve the swelling.Â?

Five Things to do Before Visiting the Dentist

Preparing yourself is essential for you to be comfortable and make the checkup as easy as possible.Â?

  1. Choose a dentist you trust. This concern is one of the reasons why many people don’t go for checkups. Consult with friends or relatives about the best options in your city.�
  2. Be honest. If you are panicked or afraid, let the dentist know and keep it in mind.Â?
  3. Don’t eat before the checkup. Avoid eating popcorn, meat, or candy. However, if you have eaten something before, make sure to brush and floss afterward.Â?
  4. Make sure you have time before your appointment to fill out your medical records. And also at the end to rest from the procedure.Â?
  5. Avoid ingesting caffeine. You could be very restless at the time of the checkup and make the procedure a bit difficult.Â?


Reasons to Visit the DentistÂ?

You may think dental checkups only involve cleaning your teeth, but your dentist does much more than polish your teeth like white pearls. Dental checkups allow for:Â?

  • Know the source of pain or swelling in your mouth.
  • Why it hurts to chew
  • Help you with temperature sensitivity.Â?
  • Detect and relieve sensitive gums.
  • Detect and prevent cavities or tartar.
  • Check your overall oral health
  • Prevent chronic complicationsÂ?

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