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If someone offered you a subtle way to achieve a straighter smile, would you take it? Many image-conscious adults would love to correct crooked teeth and attain a flawless smile, but they hate the idea of traditional braces. With ClearCorrect custom aligners, you don’t have to worry about painful adjustments or the embarrassment of a metal mouth.

Through a series of clear, removable trays, the ClearCorrect system gradually moves your teeth into the desired position. Wear these aligners all the time, except when you brush or eat, and you will have a perfect smile in just 9 to 18 months. Because the aligners are made from clear plastic, most people won’t even know you are undergoing orthodontic treatment.

If you choose ClearCorrect aligners, Dr. Erpenbach will utilize 3-D computer imaging technology to generate your entire treatment plan. He will then send this information to the dental lab where skilled technicians can produce your set of aligners. Wear each aligner for about three weeks and then move on to the next one in the series. Every four to six weeks, you will visit our office so that Dr. Erpenbach can check your progress.