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Strong Teeth and Better Health in 3 Easy Steps

We blend three modern, scientific approaches into a new standard of dental care for a lifetime. Ask us how prevention, minimally-invasive restorations and the health of your total body are all connected to better overall health.

Modern preventive dental care goes way beyond brushing and flossing. Sure, brushing and flossing are necessary but think of those daily steps as the blocks that build a foundation for healthy teeth. On that foundation, we can build a strong, lifelong strategy to keep your mouth healthy and your teeth and gums strong.

On average more than 200 types of bacteria live in your mouth at any one time. Some are good for you. Others secrete chemicals that can slowly damage your teeth and gums. By altering the environment in your mouth, we keep your bioflora (bacteria in your mouth) healthy and supportive of long-term health.

This progressive preventive care has a major impact on both teeth and health. Of course, the goal of preventive care is to avoid cavities, gum disease and decay in teeth. So, when we enhance preventive care to this modern level, that benefit is carried to a higher degree over a longer period of years.

One Way We Are Different

Our preventive dental care impacts your total health. Everyone deserves this level of preventive dental care.

Working together for better health: Although ongoing, the preventive approach practiced by Dr. Erpenbach is philosophically similar to the Oral/Systemic Health aspect of overall care. It is also similar in principle to the Biomimetic Dentistry approach to restorations that Dr. Erpenbach practices.

Step 2:

Minimally Invasive/Biomimetic Dentistry

Even with the best preventive care, there’s a chance you may need a restoration. Traditionally dentists use techniques that remove the natural structure of the tooth as part of their restoration process. This includes drilling down a tooth to make room for the man-made restoration. But think about this… That’s basically how it was done in the days of the Civil War, only with different tools.

Minimally invasive procedures are the top standard in restorative dentistry. Whether we are restoring part of a tooth after treating a cavity or replacing part of a tooth with a crown, Dr. Erpenbach always thinks minimally-invasiveness first.

Dr. Erpenbach’s study of Biomimetic Dentistry is the foundation of his minimally-invasive approach to restorations. With a Biomimetic approach, Dr. Erpenbach builds the tooth up, rather than removing natural tooth structure. If possible, air abrasion is used rather than a drill to clean out a cavity before a filling. Scientifically proven materials and bonding agents create strong, natural restorations on teeth that have not been cut down or amputated simply to prepare the tooth for restoration.

One way we are different: Minimally invasive dentistry and, specifically, Biomimetic Dentistry leaves more of your natural tooth in place. Your tooth is the designed naturally as the best defense against disease. When your natural teeth last longer, your body’s defenses are in place!

Working Together for Better Health

Our approach to preventive care and minimally invasive care go hand-in-hand because they both seek to maintain the best of your mouth’s natural environment. Why? Because disease that starts in the mouth can affect your whole body. That is why Step 3 is our focus on your Oral/Systemic Health.

We encourage you to contact our practice to learn more about our approach to biomimetic dentistry.

Step 3:

Oral/Systemic Health

Most people understand our emphasis on Oral/Systemic health when they realize one important fact: Your circulatory system connects your mouth with the rest of your body. When harmful bacteria from your mouth creates inflammation, that sickness can travel to other parts of your body.

The medical community recognizes this oral systemic link. Many doctors are refer patients for dental care as part of the prevention for at risk for heart attack and stroke patients. Other medical conditions associated with the oral systemic links include diabetes control, pregnancy complications, and to a lesser extent kidney, lung disease arthritis and Alzheimer’s. Inflammation associated with bacteria that starts in the mouth is thought to be responsible for these systemic links.

One way we are different: Dr. Erpenbach is trained in the techniques to identify and treat these harmful bacteria and his practice follows a protocol established by Dr. Brad Bale, a respected medical authority on this subject.

Working together for better health: The technique Dr. Erpenbach practices from his training with Dr. Bale is similar to the same protocol for prevention of the bacteria for decay associated with the minimally invasive early prevention. Each of the three steps in work to establish and maintain the most positive and health-supportive

We encourage you to contact our practice to learn more about our approach to your Oral/Systemic health.

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