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Medical uses of Valium

Valium is a sedative and anticonvulsant drug of the benzodiazepine group. Diazepam is its active component. This drug is a strong tranquilizer. It also has an anesthetic effect on the body. The drug fights with the following symptoms:
  •  anxiety;
  •  insomnia;
  •  convulsions;
  •  muscle spasms.
Diazepam is used in medical practice for the treatment of neuropsychological diseases:
  •  Neurosis-like and psychosis-like conditions;
  •  neurosis;
  •  phobias and obsessive mental disorders;
  •  psychopathy;
  •  schizophrenia;
  •  organic lesions of the brain;
  •  emotional disorders (increased feelings of anxiety and fear, excessive irritability, etc.)
  •  psychopathy;
  •  sleep disorders.
In combination with other drugs, Valium sometimes is prescribed for the relief of abstinence syndrome in alcoholism. It is also used as an anesthetic for preoperative preparation of patients. As a sedative and hypnotic, diazepam is prescribed to people with peptic ulcer disease, as it helps to reduce the secretion of gastric juice.

Valium dependence

Taking Valium for a long time can lead to the drug dependence, and getting rid of it is quite difficult. Despite the fact that Valium is less toxic to the body than narcotic drugs, it is still able to cause irreparable harm to human bodies and disrupt their normal functioning. The most common disorders of the nervous system associated with the abuse of diazepam include:
  •  decreased concentration of attention;
  •  disorientation;
  •  dizziness;
  •  poor coordination;
  •  drowsiness;
  •  lethargy;
  •  increased fatigue;
  •  dulling of emotions;
  • depression;
  • euphoria;
  • tremor;
  • anterograde amnesia.
Outbreaks of aggression, psychomotor agitation, feelings of fear, suicidal tendencies, hallucinations, anxiety, and insomnia occur very rarely.

Adverse effects of Valium

  1. If Valium is used in higher dosage than prescribed by a specialist, the normal functioning of the hematopoiesis is impaired. On the part of this body system, the following diseases can be observed:
    • – leukopenia;
    • – neutropenia;
    • – agranulocytosis;
    • – Anemia;
    • – Thrombocytopenia.
  2. Diazepam affects the digestive system. A person abusing the drug may experience dry mouth, or, on the contrary, increased salivation, heartburn, hiccups, vomiting or nausea, decreased appetite, and constipation.
  3. Due to the addiction to this tranquilizer, the risk of diseases of the genitourinary system increases, such as:
    • -continence or retention of urine;
    • – renal function impairment;
    • -increased or decreased libido;
    • -dysmenorrhea.
  4. Diazepam may have a negative effect on the cardiovascular system, causing tachycardia, hypotension, and other serious diseases.
  5. Frequent uncontrolled use of the tranquilizer, in some cases, causes jaundice, diplopia (impaired vision), bulimia, and anorexia.