A Biomimetic Approach to Avoiding Root Canals

One of the most common and painful oral health problems people encounter is when an oral infection spreads to the interior of the tooth resulting in the need for a root canal. Dr. Jim Erpenbach offers a biomimetic approach to taking care of your teeth that is less invasive and preserves more of your natural tooth structure. This results in reducing the chances of ever needing a root canal!

Biomimetic dentistry offers a more moderate approach to treatment, focusing on the idea of “less is more”. Traditional dentistry destroys the natural structure of healthy teeth during the restoration process. However, Dr. Erpenbach rebuilds the teeth he treats with biomimetic dentistry by using components of your natural tooth structure as part of the restoration process. This allows for less work needed in the future because your tooth has remained as close to nature as possible. Dr. Erpenbach always wants the best for his patients and for him this means less drilling and less pain. Treating the existing problem with the best procedures and latest biomimetic knowledge now will prevent needing more invasive, destructive, and painful procedures later.

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