Biomimetic Dentistry: The less expensive, smarter solution for dental care

Biomimetic Dentistry is a more affordable and smarter solution for dental care. Biomimetic Dentistry can provide the same benefits as traditional dentistry, but at a lower cost to you. This means that even if you don’t have dental insurance or your dentist doesn’t accept your insurance, Biomimetic Dentistry may be an option for you. Biomimetic treatments produce happy patients because of the beautiful smile and virtually pain free process. So no matter what kind of treatment plan you need, talk to your biomimetic dentist about how they can help make it happen!

The Positive Benefits of Biomimetic Dentistry

The benefits of biomimetic dentistry are many: improvement in patient satisfaction, reduction in likelihood to develop debilitating health conditions, and the effective treatment of teeth that improve appearance.

Some people feel negative about going to the dentist because of the money. But, according to Biomimetic Dentistry, there are plenty of ways that it can cost less. In fact, one in five dental patients reports that they have delayed treatment for this reason alone.

At Biomimetic Dentistry we take care of your teeth and make a difference in the health and happiness you enjoy every day with us from start to finish.

We help improve treatment opportunities by using biomimetics principles—the study of fundamental similarities between humans and mammals so we can engineer areas where dentists could enhance patient outcomes even further still.

Biomimetic dentists can be a more affordable option for dental care because they don’t require certain expensive items that traditional dentists do. For example, the biomimetic dentist will save a tooth using tooth conserving dentistry which might last for over 20 years. In traditional dentistry, this same tooth would get a crown, then root canal, then dental implant within that same 20 years, costing 3X more money in the long run.

Biomimetic Dentistry Produces Many Happy Patients

Biomimetic dentistry is a proven method of treating teeth that improves patient satisfaction levels and greatly reduces the likelihood of developing debilitating oral health conditions.

Biomimetic dentistry produces happy patients who no longer feel the need to avoid going to the dentist. Biomimetic dentistry has even been shown to help patients with severe anxiety issues. It also connects you with who you were meant to be in terms of your teeth! This will allow patients to have better self-confidence as well.