Bridges, Dentures & Partials

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Bridges, Dentures, and Partials

Dr. Erpenbach always works to save your natural teeth, but disease and injury may make that goal impossible. Lost teeth generate a host of problems such as difficulties chewing, speaking, and even smiling. With bridges, dentures, or partials, Dr. Erpenbach can improve your oral health and appearance.

Complete rows of prosthetic teeth, known as full dentures, are attached to gum-colored bases and can replace teeth on the upper, lower, or both jaws. Typically, patients secure their dentures with adhesives or natural suctions. If you have healthy remaining teeth, Dr. Erpenbach may advise getting a partial denture to fill in your smile. A partial will contain as many prosthetic teeth as necessary to close the space left by missing teeth, fitting into your mouth like pieces of a puzzle.

Another option to replace missing teeth is a fixed bridge. In this case, the prosthetic tooth, or teeth, will attach to an appliance that contains two prosthetic crowns. Dr. Erpenbach will cement this bridgework onto the neighboring teeth, commonly called abutment teeth. After placement, fixed bridgework cannot be removed without the help of a dentist.