Buyer Beware: How to Choose the Best Dentist

Buyer beware doesn’t just apply to buy cars or items from your local online yard sales- it also can apply to dentistry. When searching for a dentist, it’s important to take a test drive of the practice with some very key points of diagnostics, cleaning time, and personalized care in mind. Dr. Erpenbach encourages patients to ask questions regarding their care when visiting a potential provider.

Don’t Rush Through Diagnostic Appointments
The first thing patients should look for when looking for a dentist is how long they spend with you during your initial appointment. During initial appointments with Dr. Erpenbach, patients are given a full diagnostic examination that not only involves a physical examination, but also a review of the patient’s health history. This step is just as important as the physical examination because it helps to identify any underlying health conditions the patients may have that could contribute to negative oral health.  The physical examination does the opposite and looks for any oral health conditions that could contribute to negative total health. Dr. Erpenbach also does X-rays during this diagnostic appointment and identifies any areas of decay that need to be treated.

Cleaning Time May Vary
Another thing to look for when looking for a new dentist is how long the dentist takes for your cleaning. Cleaning times should vary per person based on their oral health needs, but some practices focus on production time- or getting the patients in the chair and out the door- versus spending the time with the patient giving them a quality cleaning that they need. To make sure patients are healthy, Dr. Erpenbach will take the time to measure the depth of the gum pockets to make sure that severe periodontitis is not present. This condition can seriously affect your heart health.

Personalized Approach
The final thing that Dr. Erpenbach wants patients to be educated about is that treatment plans should be tailored made to address your specific condition. Dentistry is not a one size fits all treatment, and each patient’s different needs change what therapies will be used. Ask to see your treatment plan and play and active role in your dental care.

Do your research when searching for a dentist, and you will find a professional that not only cleans your pearly whites but also protects your health!