Can You Straighten Your Teeth Without Braces?

If you’re looking for a straight answer, then the answer is yes. It’s possible to straighten your teeth without braces. But the process is not as short or as easy as this answer. 


Braces are usually used when you have severely crooked or misaligned teeth. But straightening teeth can involve other options and alternatives if your dentist can offer them. To learn more about how straightening teeth is possible with alternative solutions, keep reading. 


Mouthguards or Invisalign 

Clear mouthguards are an easy and less notorious way of straightening your teeth. But only when the problem or movement required is not too severe. 


Invisalign and clear aligners are a discreet method of straightening teeth. These objects are made from transparent plastic that is built to fit every patient’s teeth. Clear aligners are replaced continuously in weeks during the process. The constant replacement of the clear aligners causes your teeth to work accordingly to the desired place. 


Again, the treatment is only recommended for those with minor orthodontic problems. Small gaps or slightly crooked teeth are dental issues that might get fixed with a clear aligners treatment. 


Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are beneficial for orthodontic issues that are too complex for Invisalign or clear aligners but still not severe enough to require brackets. Dental veneers are frequently made from porcelain or composite resin materials. These materials can be shaped according to your teeth’ front and completely change your smile’s appearance. 


The issue with dental veneers is that they’re more of a cosmetic treatment than an orthodontic one. So while they might be able to fix your smile, they won’t be able to provide oral health solutions like chewing mechanics.


Check Your Available Dental Options

The only way to know if you’ll be able to straighten your teeth without braces is by visiting us. At Jim Erpenbach DDS, we’ll make a complete and in-depth evaluation of your dental issues to offer you the best available option for your treatment. Straighten your smile and your life with us. Learn more about our professional and reliable orthodontic services now.