[WATCH] Testimonial: “I’ve Been Coming Here for 30 Years”

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As a dentist who adheres to the standard of Biomimetic Dentistry, I always appreciate hearing from patients who have benefited from this field of practice. Truth is, quite frankly, I believe ALL of my patients benefits from Biomimetic Dentistry — but hearing how happy my patients are is just icing on the cake. Thank you…

Why Do My Teeth Ache When I Have a Sinus Infection?

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With the holidays behind us and the cold weather hovering over us here in Tennessee — the inevitable has happened. Cold and flu season has struck. Many of our patients having been battling colds and sinus infections over the last few weeks. Some have even come to us complaining about aching teeth and jaws. So,…

8 Myths About Dental Implants That Put Patients On-Edge

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Not all patients are afraid of the dentist, but a lot aren’t excited to go, either. Most of the time, this apprehension is due to misconceptions and myths about how some dental treatments work. While many patients feel embarrassed by their missing teeth, fear and uncertainty keep them seeking the real care they need. Dental…

Are Diamonds a Tooth’s Best Friend?

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From Gold “grills” to 24-karat gold plated dental retainers — it’s clear some people like a little bling in their mouths. But would you ever consider diamonds in your root canal? A report from the American Chemistry Social journal Nano shows that nanodiamonds — which are literally microscopic diamond chips — have the potential to…

5 Reasons Why Dental Implants Fail

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Dental implants have a 98% success rate. They are a safe, popular, and long-lasting fix for replacing missing teeth and giving you back a natural, glowing smile. For the huge majority of dental patients, implants are a terrific option and a economical alternative over the long-term. But that does not mean dental implants continue forever…

Say Ahhh: What Color is Your Tongue?

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They say that your tongue is a window to your health. If something is off inside your body, your tongue may show signs. But what kinds of signs should you be looking for when you open wide? A Closer Look at Your Tongue First things, first. Let’s talk about the tongue, itself. It’s often referred…