Say Ahhh: What Color is Your Tongue?

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They say that your tongue is a window to your health. If something is off inside your body, your tongue may show signs. But what kinds of signs should you be looking for when you open wide? A Closer Look at Your Tongue First things, first. Let’s talk about the tongue, itself. It’s often referred…

5 Ways Obstructive Sleep Apnea Can Affect Your Health

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Snoring can sure disrupt a night’s sleep — both for you and your partner. But if you have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), bigger problems may be brewing in your body. Obstructive sleep apnea is when the soft tissues in your neck and throat obstruct your airways during the relaxed state of sleep. People that suffer…

Don’t Let Poor Oral Health Take You Out Of The Game

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It’s hard to win a gold medal if you have a toothache. A recent study cited in the British Journal of Sports Medicine explored how poor oral health affects athletic performance at the elite level. “More than 40% of athletes were bothered by their oral health with 28% reporting an impact on quality of life…

Give Me Some Air

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How long have dentists been drilling teeth? Would you believe 9,000 years? In an ancient graveyard in Pakistan, archaeologists discovered skulls containing teeth that had received drilling. The stone-age dentists removed decay using drills constructed of sharpened flint. Though advanced dentistry would not be possible without drilling, the whine of a dental drill can make…

Dental Care For ICU Patients Lowers Infection Risk

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Hi, I’m Dr. Jim Erpenbach of Jim Erpenbach DDS. Today’s post focuses on an article that appeared recently on The article describes a study of Brazilian ICU patients that compared infection rates of those who received enhanced oral care instead of routine oral care. The patients who received the more intense dental care were…

Rather Have A Root Canal?

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Restorative dentistry procedures fix broken, cracked, or chipped teeth. Those with tooth decay or damage may need endodontic treatment. Talk to the experienced staff at Jim Erpenbach DDS to learn more about our dental care services.

What Can Fluoride Do for You?

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Most people know that brushing and flossing are essential steps to take in order to have healthy teeth and gums. But brushing and flossing are not the only way to protect dental health. Many dentists offer fluoride treatments as an extra protection for their patients to help fortify their teeth against bacteria and tooth decay.…

Possible Vaccine Against Periodontitis in the Works

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Chicken pox? There’s a vaccine for that. Flu? That, too. Even shingles? Yep, shingles. There are many vaccines on the market, and new vaccines being developed to fight off different diseases every year. Currently, a new vaccine is being developed to fight a very common, but yet hard to treat disease. This disease is periodontitis,…

Gum Care and the Oral-Systemic Link

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September is National Gum Care Month. This event typically comes and goes without much fanfare for the average American, but many dentists recognize it is a chance to bring awareness to gum health and gum disease prevention. Some of these dentists recognize National Gum Care Month as an even greater opportunity to educate patients on…