Treat and Prevent Mouth Sores

Mouth ulcers, also known as canker sores, are small and painful irritations that grow in your mouth or at the base of your gums. Regular activities like eating, drinking, and speaking can become uncomfortable when suffering from mouth ulcers.

Usually, mouth ulcers tend to disappear between one or two weeks maximum. But if they take longer to go away, it would be best for you to get a checkup from our dental expert in mouth sores. At Jim Erpenbach DDS, we can treat your dental mouth sores to stop their discomfort and prevent major future issues. Contact us today to start your dental mouth sores treatment.


Preventing Mouth Ulcers
Probably the easiest way to prevent mouth ulcers is avoiding food that triggers mouth irritation. Like lemons and oranges or spicy foods, food with high acidity levels are known as the most common foods to cause mouth ulcers.

Accidental bitings also cause most minor ulcers. Try to chew without talking to avoid these types of accidents. Having an over-aggressive brushing technique can also damage your gums or lips and trigger a mouth ulcer.

Treating Mouth Ulcers
Mouth ulcers can be either minor or major ulcers. Regardless of their size, we can offer the correct treatment for both of them.

Minor: minor ulcers are small in size and usually heal within one to two weeks, leaving no scarring.

Major: broader and deeper than minor ulcers, significant ulcers can take up to six weeks to heal. Unlike minor ulcers, the probability of scarring does exist with major ulcers.

Usually, mouth ulcers don’t require complicated treatments. But sometimes, mouth ulcers can appear more often and are more painful in some patients. If this is caused by a sharp tooth that’s continuously hurting you, you might need help from a dental expert in mouth sores.

Stop Suffering From Mouth Sores
If a sharp tooth causes you multiple ulcers, we can adjust your denture or smooth down the tooth to prevent constant mouth sores. We can also recite the good mouthwash or tablet to diminish the mouth ulcer’s size and pain. Ask for an appointment now to stop the discomfort of any mouth ulcer you might have.