Dentistry as a Philosophy

The first thing you notice about Dr. Erpenbach is that dentistry is not just his living, but it is also his passion. He regards dentistry, specifically biomimetic dentistry, to be an art form. This viewpoint colors his approach to his patients, the tools and techniques he uses, methods of restoration he chooses, and how he educates his patients.


It’s All in the Approach. Dr. Erpenbach’s mantra of patient care is based on the Golden Rule. He strives to treat patients as he would want to be treated. This philosophy stems from a memorable bad experience he had at the dentist as a child. In order to make sure no patient has a bad experience, Dr. E works to listen to his patients’ needs and be compassionate in during their treatment. Every patient is different, and by recognizing this, he can prevent the “assembly line feel” that can happen with many dentists and other medical providers. Patients are people, not just numbers, and treating them like family makes a world of difference.

The Best Tools and Technique. Using high-quality tools and techniques to treat patients and perform restorations ensures good results. The tooth is a small canvas – many times less than 2 inches by 2 inches, so Dr. Erpenbach wants to use the very best tools and treatments to preserve such a small space. Using poor more quality products or rushing through restorations will lead to failures, which can take the patient down a path to pain and even tooth loss.

Biomimetic is Best. Dr. Erpenbach has chosen to do biomimetic restorations because of their philosophy of preservation versus restoration to get damaged teeth back to their natural state. Biomimetic restorations also last much longer than traditional restoration methods. For example, traditional crowns have an expected lifespan of only five years. This is in comparison to biomimetic restorations that are still going strong after a decade or more! Also, since biomimetic dental restorations work to preserve the teeth, they are built on a solid foundation, so if for any reason the restoration would fail, the foundation of the tooth is protected against bacteria and decay, and the top can be easily replaced.

If You Teach Them, They Will Brush. Patient education is very important to Dr. Erpenbach, and he makes sure his patients know and practice both proper brushing and flossing techniques. He also takes the time to educate about caring for restorations to prevent stress and shrinkage, as well as methods of neutralizing acid to prevent enamel erosion.

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