Dental Services for Elderly

Proper dental health or hygiene is sometimes ignored or taken for granted. But dental health is and will always be a significant part of your life wellness. And as usual, proper health habits should be reinforced by the elderly.

At Jim Erpenbach DDS, we offer the best quality dental care for the elderly. From dentures to dental implants, we have more than enough experience to cover any seniors’ dental care.

People are often not able to empathize with seniors who have dental health issues. That’s why Jim Erpenbach DDS wants to share with you why seniors must start creating proper dental health habits.

Effects From Tooth Loss
Tooth loss can have significant physical and psychological impacts on elderlies. Most of these effects do not only alter your dental health but your entire body. Dental health issues can provoke considerable changes in your diet or health issues like anxiety and pneumonia.

Here are some of the significant physical and psychological health issues from tooth loss:

Physical Issues

Jaw Bone: Like any other muscle, your bones tend to lose strength and stimulation when they are not exercised. And the stimulation of your jaw bone comes from a tooth or an implant. This connection between teeth and the jaw bone maintains the size and strength of the entire bone.

Facial Appearance: the effect of bone loss drastically accelerates the aging process of your face. The lack of teeth makes your chin rotate forward because of your deteriorated bite. Your deteriorated bite is an effect that comes from not being able to close your mouth correctly because of the lack of teeth.

Psychological Effects
Tooth loss also influences your social life and social activities, which ultimately affect your psychological well-being. Activities like eating, speaking, and exercising can be compromised by tooth decay. The lack of these activities can provoke anxiety and different types of emotional distress.

What You Should Do To Take Care of Your Elders
Jim Erpenbach DDS believes that we should all take care of ourselves and take care of others when they need it. We are sure that you would love your elderly to live a happy and healthy life, that’s why we invite you to help them maintain proper dental health. Contact our clinic and ask for an appointment for your elderly family member today.