Did You Know That Your Smile Reflects Your Personality?

Do Your Teeth Have Personality?

Smiling sends nonverbal communications of all kinds, such as showing empathy or even foreshadowing deviance. For the most part, there is a universal way to read smiles and gauge their meaning, but a recent study shows that the secret goes beyond the smile. Scholars found that teeth might be the biggest indicator of personality, a now controllable variable with modern dentistry.

Analyzing Your Teeth

The two front teeth, or the incisors, show a person’s age. On average, the younger you are the more rectangular and rounded the corners of your incisors are. As you age, your front teeth become squarer and the corners begin to shorten.

Directly next to your incisors are your lateral incisors, which indicate gender. More feminine lateral incisors are slightly shorter and more rounded at the ends. The womanly look is referred to as a “gull-wing” silhouette. More masculine lateral incisors are almost the same size as central incisors and more squared.

Canine teeth, or the teeth to the immediate left of your lateral incisors, show aggressiveness versus passivity. More pointy canines indicate more aggressive and powerful personalities. People with a more passive nature typically have flattened canines that are rounded at the tip of cuspids.

Smiling Makes You Smile

Smiling reflects more than just pleasure. A smile can gain someone else’s trust. Those truly genuine smiles send a message that you play nice with others. Sometimes a smile is just about being polite, and can help us from feeling bad. On a deeper level, smiling can help you get noticed, and is reinforced when you get a smile back. Most importantly, smiling reduces distress caused by an upsetting situation. If you force yourself to smile, even when you don’t feel like it, the simple act is enough to lift your spirits.

How Important Your Teeth Can Be

Every year, 164 million hours are spent giving dental treatment to adults during the work week. Many people make drastic cosmetic dental revisions to advance their careers every year. Whether your teeth are aging or you have significant damage to take care of, dental revisions can change your outlook on like. If you feel that your teeth hold you back from any type of advancement, let Dr. Erpenbach and our team know.

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