Emergency Dental Care

get emergency dental care at your Knoxville dentist

If you have a dental emergency, you can call our office straight away. Accidents happen, and in those moments, you need reliable experts by your side. In times like these, our Knoxville dentist Dr. Erpenbach is ready to help you!

Our emergency dentist and team encourage you to call our Knoxville dentist office as soon as possible during our office hours when an accident or dental pain occurs. We will quickly provide you with the guidance you need, and bring you into the office for further treatment.

Emergency Dentist in Knoxville

When you need care right away, we are here for you! We are able to provide emergency dental care during our office hours and most often we can see patients with dental emergencies the same day they call.

Whether you are suffering from toothache, broken dental work, or a knocked-out tooth, you can trust our emergency dental care team to find a solution!

Reasons You May Need Emergency Dental Care

If you are having any amount of dental or oral pain, call our office right away! Not all instances may need emergency dental care right away, but we will still treat you as soon as possible. Some of the reasons you may need emergency dental care include:

Bitten Lip or Tongue

Clean the area gently with a cold cloth and apply a cold compress to the outside of the area. If the bleeding does not stop, visit your hospital emergency room. You can call our office with further questions.

Broken Tooth

Clean the area by rinsing your mouth gently with warm water. Use cold compresses to keep swelling down. Salvage what pieces you can, and call our office to schedule an appointment.

get relief from your toothache with your West Knoxville emergency dentist

Knocked Out Tooth

Hold the tooth carefully by the crown and rinse it gently. If possible, hold the tooth in its proper socket. If you are unable to do so, place the tooth in a cup or bag of milk and contact our office right away!

Object Caught Between Teeth

If you cannot remove the object or piece of food with dental floss, do not resort to a sharp instrument or tool. Call our office to schedule a visit where we can safely remove the object for you.


Toothache may be a warning sign of infection or deep decay. Rinse the mouth with warm water, use dental floss, and brush carefully. You can take an over-the-counter pain reliever, but do not apply it directly to the gums.

For Emergency Dentistry in Knoxville, Call Dr. Erpenbach Today!

If you are suffering from a toothache or another dental emergency in Knoxville, give us a call to set up a visit with our emergency dentist. Our emergency dentist and his team will provide you with emergency dental care to restore your comfort, health, and aesthetic.

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