How to Easily Get Rid of Canker Sores?

Canker sores appear as small, painful swellings on the lips or inside the mouth. The painful sores are covered with a mixture of fluid, white blood cells, and bacteria. They usually have a white, gray, or yellowish film with a red border.

In the early stages, the sores may appear as tiny red dots. In some cases, they may be as large as a quarter. As the canker sore forms, it is not uncommon to feel irritation, tingling, and a burning sensation around the infected area. The following tips may help you get rid of them quickly.Â?

Tips to Eliminate Canker Sores Quickly

  • Alum Powder

Alum powder is made from aluminum potassium sulfate. It is often used to preserve food and to pickle vegetables. Alum has astringent properties that can help shrink tissues and dry canker sores.

  • Rinsing With Salt Water

Washing your mouth with salt water is a home remedy, albeit a painful one, for canker sores of any kind. It can help dry canker sores.

  • Baking Soda Rinse

Baking soda is believed to restore pH balance and reduce inflammation, which can cure canker sores.

  • Organic Honey

Honey is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. It is effective in reducing the pain, size, and redness of canker sores. It can also help prevent secondary infection.

  • Milk of Magnesia

Milk of magnesia contains magnesium hydroxide. It is an acid neutralizer and a laxative. Used orally, it can change the pH of the mouth so that the sore cannot thrive. It also coats the sore to help prevent irritation and relieve pain.

When To See a Doctor

Most canker sores are not a cause for concern. They rarely leave lasting side effects. However, some canker sores warrant a call to the dentist.

Visit a Doctor If You Experience Any of These Symptoms

  • The sore is more significant than usual.
  • You have several sores.
  • New sores form before the old ones have healed.
  • The sore does not heal after two weeks.
  • The sore spreads to the lips.
  • The sore causes extreme pain.
  • The sore makes you unable to eat or drink.
  • You also have a fever.
  • You should also contact your doctor or dentist if the cause of the sore is a sharp tooth or dental hygiene tool.

Prevent Any Complications With Your Dentist

Jim Erpenbach DDS is a certified dentist in Knoxville who will provide you with accurate canker treatment. Typically, canker sores heal in a couple of days. Still, if you have trouble eating, talking, or are too painful, the best choice is to visit a specialist near you.Â?

If you are looking for a qualified dentist in Knoxville, Dr. Erpenbach can fix all your issues. Request an appointment.Â?