The Impact of Dental Health



It is no mystery that oral health is essential for us to consider ourselves healthy. Ever since we were children, we have received classes and have been surrounded by advertisements to properly brush our teeth and visit the dentist regularly to be healthy. However, as you get older, you tend to lose focus on how important it is, affecting your general health chronically.Â?


Oral Health: A Reflection Of Good Health

Like other areas of the body, the mouth is packed with bacteria, most of which are harmless. As the visible getaway to the rest of the body, it can reflect and affect what is happening deep inside.

By not taking care of your dental health, your teeth and mouth will be the first affected mildly to chronically. Diseases such as cavities, gum damage, and decay are the most common ones. It has even been associated with heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.


Best practices for your dental health

  1. Avoid going to bed without brushing your teeth.Â?
  2. Try brushing your teeth for at least 2 minutes. Avoid rushing. You will be progressively giving inadequate care, leaving food residues that can cause cavities.
  3. Just as dental tartar builds up on your teeth, it also builds up on your tongue in the form of plaque. Be sure to brush and rinse thoroughly.Â?
  4. Avoid foods with dyes, cut down on alcoholic beverages and tobacco as they stain, and remove the flour from your teeth.Â?
  5. Visit a professional dentist at least every two years.Â?


How Does Oral Health Influence Our Mental Health?Â?

Suffering from diseases such as halitosis or, more commonly said, bad breath can affect how much we relate to people. If we suffer from any infectious disease, it is common to create negative perceptions of ourselves, even when we are already receiving treatment to fix it. You may feel guilt, shame, and even disgust.Â?

We recommend looking for options to help you stay confident while you recover, such as the following:Â?

  • Use mouthwash after every meal
  • Chewing mint gum with no added sugar
  • Drink water constantly
  • Peppermint flavored mouth sprays
  • Feel free to talk about it openly and disclose your situation if you feel comfortable about it

On the other hand, people with mental illness have a high rate of suffering from oral diseases by unconsciously avoiding the need to take care of their overall health, including dental health. They suffer from cavities, bleeding gums, dry mouth, among others.Â?

We recommend you gradually start brushing your teeth once a day, using oral cleaning products that are friendly to you, and visiting a professional dentist.Â?

Your Oral Health Deserves To Be In Good Hands

For proper and long-term dental health, going to professionals is always our best recommendation. If you are in Tennessee, Knoxville, the best choice is Dr. Jim Erpenbach. You will get the best quality care, professionalism, and know-how to solve all your dental issues. Oral health goes beyond brushing your teeth as it can impact your overall health and wellness.Â?

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