Ensuring Oral Health for Kids

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As parents of preschoolers and young elementary kids, you should never take for granted their oral health. A common mistake is that parents assume just because their kids will end up losing their first set of teeth, oral health shouldn’t be a big deal. But bad dental habits can lead to multiple dental issues in the future like tooth decay.

A kids dentist can help you provide proper dental habits to your kids from a very young age. At Jim Erpenbach DDS, we have the best kids dentist that makes the dentist experience enjoyable for your children. With the appropriate help from a very young age, your kids can avoid tooth decay and other dental problems.


How to Create Proper Dental Habits
Surely our pediatric dentist can give you the best advice on cultivating proper dental habits in your kids. But in the end, it all comes down to your discipline as a parent when transmitting the following:

Prevent Tooth Decay
A proper tooth brushing technique is the best way to prevent tooth decay, and it includes multiple things to consider like:

Toothpaste: fluoride is a chemical component usually found in toothpaste to help prevent cavities. It’s recommended to start using fluoride-based toothpaste only after kids turn three years old.

Technique: Dentists usually argue about the correct motion for an appropriate brushing technique. But we know the truth is that the movement is not as crucial as cleaning each tooth all around. Kids and even adults tend to brush the front of their teeth, forgetting about the other sides. You should find a way to encourage your kids to clean their teeth deeply.

Time: even when you have the correct toothbrush and brushing technique, it won’t matter if your kids only brush their teeth for 30 seconds. Studies show that you should brush your teeth for an average of three to five minutes. It would help if you also did it 30 minutes after every meal. Playing a song while brushing could help your kids enjoy the experience more.

Protect Your Kid’s Oral Health
You can start protecting your kid’s oral health today with the aid of a pediatric dentist from our clinic. Our employees have the experience and to make sure that your kid is comfortable through the entire process. Having empathy with your kid’s feelings is part of our service. So go ahead and set an appointment now to start ensuring proper oral health for your kid.