What not to eat after a Teeth Whitening Procedure

When getting an efficient teeth whitening procedure at your doctor’s office, the result is always a bright smile. However, there are rules to follow so that you can keep your teeth looking whiter and brighter for longer.

You must be aware and conscious of the foods you consume at least after the first few days immediately after a teeth whitening procedure. There can be food with too much acid or high pigmentation levels that can take a toll on your teeth whitening process. Read below to learn more about teeth care regarding these foods.

Coffee and Tea

Everything comes with a price. We know that many people reading this consume coffee daily. However, you must stop drinking coffee after a teeth whitening procedure.

If you do not trust yourself to stay away from your morning coffee or your afternoon tea, we recommend that you use a spoon to reduce contact with your teeth.


If you enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, you will not like this. Red wine is dark in nature, and therefore, it has high pigmentation levels. It is also highly acidic, so you should stay away from it.

If you thought that white wine would be your substitute, we’re sorry to break it to you. It is not safe to consume it either. Yes, it is lighter in its shade, but it can break down enamel thanks to its bubbly nature.

Refined Sugars

Most of us love candy and chocolate, but these foods can cause stains and decay, especially when your teeth are delicate after going through a teeth whitening procedure. Make sure you are not eating foods with artificial colors after your teeth have been whitened.

Carbonated Drinks

Does it bubble? Keep your distance! Please stay away from carbonated drinks because their sugar levels are high as well as their acid amount. These drinks may be delicious, but they pose a threat to your teeth, especially when your dentin layer is exposed after a teeth whitening procedure.

By the way, we advise you to stay away from these beverages even when not having gotten a teeth care procedure.

Dark Fruits

Remember that we are not talking about unhealthy foods necessarily. Instead, this is all about advising you through your teeth whitening process.

Dark fruits are healthy, but we do not recommend consuming them right after you whiten your teeth. We are specifically referring to berries. These include raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, cherries, and pomegranate.

We still recommend you get back to these foods after 48 hours of getting your teeth whitening procedure done. These fruits are good for your health.

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