Is The Humble Toothbrush Obsolete?

electric vs manual toothbrushes Hardin Valley

Many of our tools for everyday living have become antiquated. Online search has replaced the paper phone book. Telephone answering machines have gone the way of manual typewriters. Even the iPod is now gathering dust as people play music on their smart phones. And what about the humble toothbrush, the primary means of cleaning teeth for most of us?

Has something flashier and more advanced replaced it? Absolutely not!

“Wait a minute,” you might say. “Isn’t an electric toothbrush better than a manual toothbrush?” Well, yes and no. All toothbrushes, when used properly, are effective at removing food debris and plaque to keep your smile free of tooth decay.

Manual toothbrushes are easy to find, whereas not all drugstores sell all types of electric toothbrushes. It is frustrating to spend over a hundred dollars for a top-of-the-line electric toothbrush and then not be able to find a replacement head when required. People who travel may discover that a smaller, manual toothbrush is easier to pack.

Whichever type of toothbrush you prefer, you need to be careful about the pressure you put on your gums. Some people say that it’s difficult to know how much pressure they use with an electric toothbrush, while others say that because of the rapid electrical movements, they tend to be more gentle on their gums. Regardless of the toothbrush type, make sure you get soft bristles and replace it every three to four months.

Special consideration should be taken for individuals with arthritis. When manual dexterity is restricted, an electric toothbrush is a clear advantage. But in most cases, when it comes to the toothbrush, old school is just fine.

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