Minimizing Drilling – Conservative Dentistry and Saving Your Teeth

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Dr. Erpenbach Keeps Teeth Safe from Unnecessary Procedures

Our teeth naturally have everything they need to survive. Special circumstances can call for the dentist, but there is danger in drilling or shaving on the natural tooth more than is necessary. Jim Erpenbach, DDS, understands this and practices conservative dentistry to protect your teeth from unnecessary dental procedures. As a biomimetic dentist, Dr. Erpenbach focuses on keeping your natural teeth as healthy as possible while using conservative measures to fix teeth when needed.

Minimizing DrillingTraditional Dentistry, Conservative Dentistry, and Biomimetic Dentistry: The Differences Between All Three and Why Biomimetic is the Best Option

When dentistry first came into existence, traditional procedures were way better than no procedure at all, especially when a distraught person needed a root canal. But today, a root canal often requires excessive shaving or drilling on the tooth to fit the tooth with the necessary filling or crown. This is exactly what Dr. Erpenbach avoids. Because, while traditional dentistry was better than nothing at all, there are vastly improved options for teeth restoration today.

Conservative dentistry is the next best option. Here, the dentist does his or her best to conserve the tooth, but some shaving is still required. Ultimately, if the crown doesn’t fit, or if it breaks soon after the procedure, the operation was a waste of time. More use of the drill would have been better!

This is why biomimetic dentistry is the best option. It combines the best of both worlds, allowing the dentist to fix the tooth without shaving more than is needed. This allows the natural tooth to be preserved for optimal function for as long as possible.

The Importance of Conserving Teeth

The tooth is made up of layers. First, we have the outer layer: the enamel. Enamel is mostly made up of minerals, with a little water and organic substance. The enamel is hard enough to protect the teeth but is also very brittle. Second, we have the dentin. If our teeth were only made up of enamel, they would break all the time from how brittle they are. That’s why our teeth have dentin. The balance of minerals to water and organic substance is much more balanced in dentin, allowing it to act as a cushion for the enamel.

The Dental Enamel Junction

Think of the dental enamel junction as the glue that holds these two independent parts together. This junction connects the enamel and dentin together, allowing the enamel to protect the dentin, and vice versa. Without the strength that this junction supplies, neither the enamel nor the dentin would be strong enough to support the tooth.

The Pulp

Our teeth have nerves, and those nerves are called “pulp.” The pulp has blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, and connective tissue. The pulp connects our teeth to the rest of our body, ensuring that the teeth receive the nutrients that circulate through the body. Without the pulp, teeth would suffer from chronic infections.

There are several things that mess with the strength and longevity of the natural tooth.

  • Severe, blunt injury
  • Periodontal disease
  • Cavities
  • Insufficient, short-lived restorations
  • Excessive shaving and drilling of the teeth

Biomimetic Dentistry is the Answer

Dr. Erpenbach’s method of treating his patients’ includes the following:

  • Strong, resilient restorations
  • Only using a drill or shaver when absolutely necessary
  • Only taking away the bad parts of the tooth
  • Finding problems early on, before they become bigger issues
  • Keeping the dentin and enamel junction strong
  • Finding damaged portions of teeth and only removing those specific parts

Dr. Erpenbach’s experience allows him to use biomimetics to both maintain and conserve the health and integrity of his patients’ teeth. Conserving our teeth will help them last as long as possible. Dental solutions like crowns and fillings can become a thing of the past for your teeth. Contact Dr. Erpenbach’s office today for more information.